Introduction to the Personal Internet Banking

I. Personal Internet Banking Services Introduction

Metropolitan Bank (China) Personal Internet Banking is where customers can use the Internet to enjoy the bank’s personal banking services, which include Account Management, Transfer Remittances, Deposit Management, Foreign Exchange and other traditional services, and the use of electronic channels to provide an advantageous and unique online banking services.

*We temporarily do not provide RMB deposit accounts for domestic residents

II. Functions

A. Registration and Log-in


(1) Standard Edition Users’ Online Registration: Allows the bank’s customers to use this feature to self-register online as standard edition users (customers can also bring their relevant documents to the Bank's branches to register as standard edition user). The System will provide the standard edition user’s Account Information Inquiry, Transaction Details Inquiry and other types of inquiries.

(2) Professional Edition User Login: Allows the bank’s Internet Banking Professional Edition registered users to hold USBkey certificates for log-in to the Professional Edition system. Service functions include actual account inquiries, fund transfers, deposit management, foreign exchange and other service functions.

B. Account Management


(1) Information Inquiry: Basic Account Information, Transaction Details Inquiry.

(2) Transaction Details Inquiry: Allows clients to inquire the transaction detailed information for a specified period of time.

3. C. Transfer remittance


(1) Domestic Transfer: Own Account Transfer, Intra-Bank Transfer, Inter-bank Transfer, Domestic Transfers inquiry.

(2) Foreign currency Remittance: Foreign Currency Remittance Application, Domestic Foreign Currency Remittance Application, Foreign Currency Remittances Template Maintenance, Foreign Currency Remittances Inquiry

(3) Beneficiary Information Maintenance: Inquire, Add, Modify or Delete Beneficiary Information.

D. Deposit Management


(1) Time to Savings Mutual Transfer: Savings to Time Deposit, Time to Savings Deposits, Time to Savings Transfer Inquiry.

E. Customer Service


(1) Website E-mail: Compose mail, Inbox, Outbox.

(2) Information Settings: Shortcut menu settings, Modify customer information, Transfer limit settings, account alias settings.

(3) Security Center: Modify online banking log-in password, Change the Reserved Word, Transaction Reference No. inquiries, Account protection settings.

(4) System Help: Glossary, Help, Search.

(5) Download Center: File downloads.

III. How to Open Internet Banking

A. Opening Requirements:

 Must have opened a bank account with Metrobank, the account must be in a regular status, and client must hold a valid identification document, including National ID, Passport, Military ID, etc.

 Must have devices with Internet connection, it is recommended to use IE8.0 and above browsers.

B. Opening method:

You may use Over-the-counter or through the Metrobank website to open the personal internet banking services.

Standard Edition Opening Procedures:

(1) Through Metrobank’s Website, one can open the online banking, but the customer identity and account information cannot be verified over-the-counter; the system can only process information inquiry, website mailbox, and information settings.

(2) Process:

(3) Reminders: 

 The information you fill up during registration and signing such as ID type, ID number, must be consistent.

 SMS verification code will be sent to the customer mobile phone number registered with the bank. If there is no verification code, please go the bank to process the SMS verification first and then register the standard edition.


Professional Edition Opening Procedures:

(1) After verifying the identity and customer’s information over the counter, the client can collect the USBKey security tool, and use the full version and services of the online banking. 

(2) Process: 

(3) Reminders: 

  After signing over the counter and when you first use online banking, you need to set up your log-in password, which cannot be a simple password. Please use a combination of numbers and letters that cannot be easily deciphered, birthdates and other easy to guess to guess characters should not be selected.

  After signing over the counter and when you first use online banking, you need to install the appropriate security controls and security tools management software (after inserting the USBKey, it will automatically start the installation).


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